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What People Are Saying

Hi Mrs. Houston,

You are most certainly welcome.  I will continue to refer you when the opportunity presents itself.  FYI, with your resume assistance, I managed to make it to the final stages of the hiring process for a six-figure position within the Federal government.  I have received a conditional offer and am currently waiting on my clearance to be completed before a final offer is tendered.  If all goes well, I shall have the job that I really wanted within the next month or two. I have to give credit where credit is due.  If not for the top notch resume you constructed on my behalf, I am not so sure I would have maneuvered as well through the Federal job apps screening gauntlet to gain an interview with a hiring manager.  As you promised, you got me through the door. Now hopefully, I'll bring it home. Thank you again for your expert advice and assistance. Feel free to use my email correspondence as part of your success story portfolio. - A. Allen

Mrs. Houston Resume Writing Service is the best I have seen in my 30 plus years as a Marine. Her key point is fostering a close relationship between client and writer. This is really good for anyone who dislikes the impersonal nature of online businesses. She is flexible, offering clients the option of adding extra documents such as a cover letter, awards and anything that makes a resume stand out. I highly recommend her to complete anyone’s resume who is seeking a career. - W. Sims

Mrs. Houston,

I brag on you and the quality of your work all the time. I truly would not be in my dream career field if it wasn't for your resume. And it has helped my sister advance in her career field as well. - M. Holmes

Good Afternoon Ms. Houston,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for helping me throughout my career. I’m very fortunate to report that I’ve advanced to the next GS grade. Thank you for your hard work and professional guidance in making this possible. - J. Cango

Ms. Houston provided me with a sound resume that helped me land multiple positions. Her level of expertise and attention to detail is sought after by many. I highly recommend her to complete anyone's resume who is seeking a career. I will be using Ms. Houston's services to improve my future career advancements.  - Q. Robertson