"Mobile Ré$umé Service"


Being here means you are in the market for a professional résumé writer. YOU NEED LOOK NO FURTHER!!!  

I turned a labor of love into a mobile business venture with my end goal being a sincere desire to be of service.  I bring to the table professional integrity, a passion for writing, in addition to the ability to create final products that are visually appealing with career-field of interest industry standard keywords and occupational milestones  incorporated  to grab the attention of potential employers. I retired with 35 years of federal employment after having held positions at stateside and overseas locations. I am the spouse of a retired military service member, and have been writing non-managerial, supervisory, and senior executive  level résumés for  18 years for multiple professional specializations.  


Résumé Analysis | Federal/Military/Private Industry Résumé Writing | Conversion of Military Experience into Comparable Civilian Language and Skills | Address Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) and Executive Core Qualification Statements (ECQs) | Federal/Private Sector Job Search | Jobsite Database Input | Cover Letters - Position Specific, Networking, Cold Contact, Introductory | Other Writing Projects/Services

CHALLENGE:  Compose  draft, edit, and prepare final copies for résumés, cover letters, and pre-employment skill set questions tailored to specific occupational specialties

ACTION:  Combine information from personal interviews, independent research, review of materials submitted, and other sources to prepare written products that achieve customer objective


OUTCOME:   Dynamic job-winning brand-driven résumés