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Being here means you are in the market for a professional résumé writer. YOU NEED LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

I turned a labor of love into a mobile business venture with my end goal being a sincere desire to be of service. I bring to the table professional integrity, a passion for writing, in addition to the ability to create final products that are visually appealing with career-field of interest industry standard keywords and occupational milestones incorporated to grab the attention of potential employers. I retired with 35 years of federal employment after having held positions at stateside and overseas locations. I am the spouse of a retired military service member, and have been writing non-managerial, supervisory, and senior executive level résumés for 20 years for multiple professional specializations.  


Résumé Analysis  |  Federal/Military/Private Industry Résumé Writing  |  Conversion of Military Experience into Comparable Civilian Language and Skills  |  Address Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) and Executive Core Qualification Statements (ECQs)  | Federal/Private Sector Job Search  |  Jobsite Database Input  |  Cover Letters - Position Specific, Networking, Cold Contact, Introductory | Other Writing Projects/Services



START WITH THE WOW! :  Put Your “VALUE PROPOSITION STATEMENT” in the driver’s seat.  Incorporate a powerful but brief account of “level of excellence being offered.” Focus should be on what you have to offer the company. 

F ORMAT/APPEARAN​CE:  Choose an appropriate font. Pop your contact information. Use visual appeal (industry-specific design element graphics and a consistent professional color scheme throughout) to immediately grab the reviewers’ attention. This will be your first chance to make an impression.

KEYWORDS:    Ensure your résumé is tailored to your career-field/position of interest that will also serve you well if typed into a search engine.

CUSTOMIZATION:   Prepare self-marketing document according to position/company specifications that showcase position-related experiences or transferrable skills (acquired skills that can be transferred from one job or career path to another).  

SELL YOURSELF: Perfect opportunity to expound on your degree of expertise. Offer background information on your most consequential achievements. Describe position-specific details, qualities or peculiarities of, and express numerical/dollar values, measure, or quantity whenever possible. ( CHALLENGE:  Describe specific problem/goal. CONTEXT:  Talk about individuals/group worked with, and/or environment in which you worked. ACTION: Discuss specific actions taken to address challenge, situation, or tasking. RESULT:  Give specific examples of results of actions (e.g., saved time or money, improved/implemented process, benchmarked (point of reference by which assessment or comparison can be made or ultimately used by others,). Outcome increased/decreased by…, set the standard for future…).

SUGGESTED INFORMATION FOR INCLUSION:   Résumés are not designed to be a one size fits all.  Showcase your last 10 years of position of interest relevant experience, academic background, mention worthy accomplishments,  professional development, affiliations, certifications, and licenses. (Milestones outside of recommended timelines can be used as talking points during an interview).

PROOF DOCUMENT: Check/recheck grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is not recommended that you rely solely on your computer spell check features. 

OUTCOME: Powerful job search document that clearly illustrates your skills and accomplishments to give you an edge over the competition, articulates your value to potential employers, increases the possibility of being selected for an interview, and ultimately receiving an offer of employment. The reward for your efforts will be well worth it.

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