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 Offering fee-based consultations in person or electronic forums to discuss scope of services needed. Face-to-face consultations will be given the opportunity to preview writing sample portfolio, which contains résumés, cover letters, and federal narrative statements showcasing my level of expertise, professional contributions where I am featured as a contributing author, and testimonials from previous clients. The consultation fee will be waived if a business relationship is established during the initial meeting. Project writing cost will be assessed   during consultation.  

The review process requires that proposed documents presented to purchaser of services be carefully analyzed to assist in value structuring thus enabling client to position themselves for transition by marketing both work experience and standout achievements in the most effective manner.

During writing process current résumé and positions of interest if available, civilian/military performance evaluations/awards, job descriptions, career highlights, occupational milestones, professional development information, other academic background information, and industry based affiliations if any will be utilized to develop the strongest self- marketing tool possible. Once collaboration phase has begun, information will be requested as needed. 

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